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Welcome to the official home of Farm Girl Jen and Banshee Moon Studio! For a personal message from Farm Girl Jen CLICK HERE! Banshee Moon Studio is the production company behind Farm Girl and the Banshee Moon Brand. Farm Girl is the real person, Jennifer King who came to fame as the loveble internet personality on the Banshee Moon Channel on Youtube. She has a very large following all over the world and is active on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. She and her husband of 30 years have created a large body of videos and photos. The videos involve many genres such as educational, how-to, comedy, reviews, cooking, automotive and more. The photos are published in calendars, postcards, books and more. Photos and videos also appear on and on Instagram.

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What's the Banshee Moon channel...
What started a few years ago as a family vlog has now amassed over 150 MILLION VIEWS and nearly 400,000 total subscribers see more...

From the ground up

This is a mosaic of our lives, This collection of videos and photos were painstakingly and lovingly crafted by us over the years with the vision of offering a window into our way ouf life. see more...

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These are full color beautiful card stock calendars, signed to your personally by Farm Girl. see more...

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